I’m sure you hear it all the time…think outside the box. It’s one of the phrases meant to inspire people at work to come up with new ideas, try new things, and get better results. Lately disrupting or disrupt business is a phrase that’s heard a lot. In a way it means the same thing. Find ways to change things. But how is that done? Where do you look, where do the ideas come from. Do you need creativity at work? Yes, please!

Why Creativity at Work at is Important

Many people think of the word creative or creativity and think about artists: painters, writers, musicians. Sure, they’re creative, but so are scientists, engineers, chefs, and even business leaders. Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas, put two things together that never went together before like fusion food or or rappers sampling love songs.

Businesses need creative people. People who look at the ways things are working and think about how it can be made or done better. Or people who create a completely different program that’s just a light bulb moment similar to the last program. That’s where innovation comes into play.

Creativity fosters teamwork. What better way to come up with new ideas than to brainstorm with your peers? Or get feedback on your projects from peers in different departments.

Creativity also fosters fun. If you’re having fun at work are you really working or are you following a passion? By extension, having a team that creates together and has fun together intrigues other people who then become interested in working for your company.

How to be Creative While Working from Home

Even though we’re all mostly working from home now. You can still collaborate with peers and brainstorm ideas together. Use conference calls or Zoom meetings to talk, share ideas, and brainstorm.

If you don’t have co-workers or have limited time to collaborate, there are techniques you can use to stimulate those creative juices by yourself. Here are some suggestions.

Learn how to take a different perspective in How You See a Problem Reflects Your Creativity. And in How to Generate Ideas on Your Own, I share how you can brainstorm ideas on your own. I hope these give you some great ideas on how to “think outside the box!”