It’s that time again to check in with some of my favorite boomers. Snuggle in against the cold weather and catch up with the blogging boomers.

Looking for financial advice for 2024? Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist, suggests taking look at her article “Money Tips for 2024.” It’s offers money news from one of her latest newsletters. If you’d like to get 10 financial ideas every week, you can sign up for her newsletter Helpful Money Tips for You. Happy financial New Year.

Travel is one of Meryl Baer of Musings of a Shore Life’s favorite retirement activities. She may not come home with baubles, her pictures will not win prizes, she will probably arrive home with a couple of extra pounds, but most important, the memories are priceless, including the episode described in this week’s blog post, Clueless on the Mexican Boardwalk.

This cold weather calls for a warming dish. Carol Cassara gives us a super-easy recipe for a healthy vegetarian meal that’s a perfect winter dish. Check it out right here.

Did you know that January is Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month? Rebecca Olkowski, with BabyBoomster.com attended a self-defense class hosted by Thrive Causemetics and learned a few useful kicks and punches. Read her post and watch her video, here.

Laurie’s Yorkie Libby has taught her a lot in six years. Patience, fortitude, and endurance come to mind. But Libby’s also given some unexpected life lessons, maybe even causing her humans to look at themselves differently. Here are five things pint-sized Libby does each day, which Laurie has added to her regime too.

Snuggle in against the cold weather and catch up with the blogging boomers. #boomers #bloggingboomers #boomerswhoblog