It’s that time of year when our Blogging Boomers post Thanksgiving Updates. I hope you enjoyed this short collection.

Getting a little tired of turkey? Over at Carol’s blog, she offers an easy, comforting supper you might welcome about now.

Laurie started strolling through animal shelters. Just looking, she told herself. But deep down she knew she was searching for HER, that cute, adorable, fluffy, housebroken, not-too-old, not-too-young, white with maybe black markings, cuddly, intelligent, devoted little female lap dog.

Rebecca Olkowski was on Facebook and an article popped up with style tips for women over 70. As she read, she noticed that it was written by a man and that many over 50 bloggers she knew were featured in it. She wasn’t sure if those women knew if their images were being used or had given their permission. Still, she couldn’t help writing a post giving her own take on the article’s style rules. You can read her comments here.

Be skeptical about information from influencers, including dietitians, on food and nutrition, says Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist. In a crackdown, the Federal Trade Commission sent letters to two trade associations and 12 registered dietitians and other influencers warning them about the lack of disclosures in their Instagram and TikTok posts promoting the safety of the artificial sweetener aspartame or the consumption of sugar-containing products.

Meryl Baer of Musings of a Shore Life enjoyed a mini-vacation this week in a place she loves to go, but had not visited in a few years – since before Covid. She enjoyed being a tourist in the Big Apple, and spending time with her family, as she reports in this week’s post, Celebrating the Season in the City.

I hope you enjoyed these latest installments of the Blogging Boomers. And if the season is already overwhelming, check out my last post on self-care for the holidays.