Yes, in all the madness of the move, I forgot to prepare the creativity challenge calendar for April, but that’s ok because my post from last week actually ties into the April challenge of decreasing stress and increasing play. I hope you enjoy April’s creativity challenge.

Like the last 2 months, it’s important that you continue with your daily morning pages, hopefully, it’s a habit you just kept going without me having to tell you in a calendar.

Your calendar this month focuses on destressing and playing. It’s hard to create when we’re stressed. But we also need to differentiate between good stress and bad stress. During the pandemic, I was feeling bad stress and having a hard time writing my blog posts. I was just repurposing old ones, sometimes missing, or worse, just phoning it in.

By turning to crochet, I was able to focus on something completely different. It required all of my attention to do and helped to destress me. In turn, I was able to start writing better blog posts again. I was experiencing bad stress.

But think about creatives who jam under pressure, under deadlines, and create brilliance. That’s good stress. So if you’re feeling under stress, try to determine whether it’s good or bad and act accordingly. Good? Keep going. Bad? Take a moment to think about what you need.

We’ll use some things from last week’s post, sprinkle in other play, and have some more fun with creativity prompts. There are 4 creativity prompts this month and all 4 are either about play or some type of physical activity.

The 3 daily morning pages still continue, as do the reading 10 pages per day. Next month we’ll move up to 20 pages per day, so if you want to slowly start increasing this month, feel free to. If you’re wondering where to find time to add in reading…you can do it in the morning after your morning pages or in the evening before bed. I have the Kindle app on my phone and read on work breaks and lunches. Also, waiting in Doctor’s offices gets me several pages into a book all the time!

I hope you enjoy this month’s creativity challenge. April Creativity Challenge.