Wow. 60. I sometimes can’t wrap my head around that number in conjunction with my age! Now? This is 60 already?

Those last 40 years were fast because, if I remember correctly, those first 20 went by so slowly! Then you hit your 20’s and BAM! Next thing you know, you’re 60!

Sure, it doesn’t happen that fast but, looking back, that’s what it feels like.

Last year, I set my sight on seeing how many new things I could do and learn between 59 and 60. Seeing as how we were still pre-vaccine, I wasn’t sure how many new things I’d be able to fit it. But I gave it a shot. Below is a list of new things I’ve tried, in order.

  1. After (re)learning how to crochet and make scarves, I learned how to make daisies. After watching numerous YouTube videos over and over again.
  2. I even learned enough to make myself dangerous by adjusting the pattern to create the flower look that I wanted.
  3. I then made headbands out of those daisies.
  4. I created a 75-page eBook, Making Christmas Memories, which I’ve already updated for 2021. It includes a calendar of activities to do with your children or grandchildren throughout the month.
  5. I already updated it for 2021 and included New Year’s Eve party games this time.
  6. In conjunction with making that the eBook, I used a new platform to sell it, Gumroad.
  7. I also learned how to use Facebook and Pinterest advertising to sell my eBook.
  8. For the start of 2021, I created month-long program called Easing into 2021. All the participants would get weekly emails from me with a journaling, meditation, yoga, and movement program. Each week built upon the last.
  9. I learned how to create MP3s using my Maono Podcasting Kit that my husband gave me for Christmas in 2019. Each week included an MP3 with a yoga program.
  10. Because some people needed a visual assist, I also learned how to make yoga stick figures. I’m actually pretty happy with these, they came out far better than I ever thought they would.
  11. We started using Uber Eats. I know you’re wondering why we hadn’t done it before, but two reasons. Prior to the pandemic, we’d go out to eat. Plain and simple. After the pandemic started, Chris was out of work and made our meals each day. But in December of last year, he found a new job and I lost my daily personal chef.
  12. For the first time ever, I was working from home all by myself. Up until this point, Chris was home with me, making meals, spending breaks and lunches with me.
  13. In February, we went to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg. First time for both being in St. Petersburg and visiting the museum.
  14. At the Dali, we enjoyed an immersive Van Gogh exhibit.
  15. Finally…a vaccine was ready and instead of running away from a needle like I did as a child, I ran towards this one.
  16. In March, I opened an Etsy store to with a focus on Vision Board products, including a revamped Easing into Your Goals workbook, pictures with affirmations, and a manifestation journal.
  17. Went to Mount Dora for the first time to meet my sister and her friends for dinner.
  18. Got to hug my oldest sister for the first time since 2019. Technically, not new but after a year long quarantine and the fact that I live in Florida now, it certainly felt new.
  19. This might seem small to some, but we took a trip to a new bakery (everywhere is a trip in Orlando) and I tried a delicious bread called Cream Cheese Bread. Oh my. So good.
  20. I traveled back home to Connecticut. While this might not seem new to you, since I used to live in Connecticut, it was the first time we vacationed in Connecticut from Florida. We used to vacation in Florida from Connecticut.
  21. Another hug, this was the first hug from my son since January 5, 2019. I know because we moved to Florida on January 6th and then a weather disaster (Hurricane Dorian) and a pandemic (Covid) ruined 2 planned Connecticut visits in 2019 and 2020.
  22. I got my first Orlando Library card because they offer Kindle downloads of books and that’s how I read now. Kindle.
  23. We traveled to Clearwater, FL for a 3-day weekend.
  24. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but food in Orlando is not great. It’s mostly bland like they’re trying not to offend anyone. When we were in Clearwater we tried a new restaurant, Soul Scilian Fusion and wow! The food was fantastic. We might travel the 2.5 hours to go there again.
  25. Then in September I became Chris’ Covid nurse.
  26. And I learned how to self-administer the covid test. Luckily we masked up and socially distanced ourselves, as best as we could and I never got sick.
  27. For my 60th birthday weekend, we decided to stay at the Margaritaville resort (not impressed.)
  28. While there, we ate dinner at the new Estafan Kitchen. Gloria Estafan and her husband Emilio used to have Bongos at Disney Springs but that’s gone now. What I missed was their Flan, best I’ve ever tasted, and I’m happy to report it’s the same at their new location.
  29. The next day we had brunch a the Estafan Kitchen–it’s that good, you’ll want to go back again! You’ll be surprised to know, it was my first ever Drag Queen show/Bingo.
  30. And my first, ever, Drag Queen lap dance…all the birthday girls got one.

So, not quite the 60 new things, although I’m sure there are a few that I’ve forgotten.

I’m feeling a little ambivalent about what 60 will be but let’s start the new decade!