A year and a half of masking, sanitizing, vaccines, and masking even more, yet our household couldn’t fully dodge it. My husband tested positive last week, and so…Covid hits home.

I almost think there was an inevitability in his getting it. We live in Florida and he’s a chef at a senior living facility. While there is a mandatory vaccine requirement for all employees, there was not one for the residents and while there is a vaccine requirement for all their visitors there is not one for those that they go to visit with.

He’s also a 3-time cancer survivor and has high blood pressure to boot. Plus, he’s Chris and if there was a rare chance of him getting it, then it increases his chances. When he had cancer the first time he was told there was a 15% chance of it coming back if he didn’t have radiation.

We decided to take a chance on 15% and unfortunately, a year later, cancer returned. So out of 100 people that might have had his type of cancer, he was one of 15 that would get it to return. But he was also part of the 3% who would get it to return in the spot that he did. Which means he was .45% of 15 people.

Covid started with a runny nose and cough. Because there were several residents who already tested positive, he decided to get the test which came back positive. That started his isolation and I again became a work-from-home employee. While I have not yet tested positive for breakthrough Covid, I need to be quarantined from work while he has it. Every few days, I test but am still negative.

I’m sure those who say vaccines are pointless will point out his illness and say…I told you so. But, although he has Covid, let me tell you, what he’s going through so far is so much easier than the horror stories we’re hearing (from nurses) about what happens with non-vaccinated people. Vaccines work!

First, he didn’t need to be hospitalized while racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills. And he says that he’s had colds that were worse, they just didn’t last as long. He has a headache and body aches that won’t quit. And if he moves too much, it does become hard to breathe. But when he’s sitting or resting, it’s not hard to breathe.

So mostly, he sits and rests and I take care of him.