It’s time for my regular round up of my blogging boomer crew. By the most recent posts, it’s clear we’re all getting out into the sun, blinking our eyes, and figuring out what’s next. Enjoy this treasure trove of Blogging Boomers.

Tom, at Sightings Over Sixty, observes that when we’re younger our identity is usually defined by our career. We’re a teacher, a doctor, a banker, a homemaker. But after we retire, things change. We find a new identity — or a new handle by which people can know us. Find out what your profile is at What’s Your Retirement Type? 

Rental cars are in short supply as people start traveling as the pandemic eases. If you suddenly find a rental car available at a really cheap price, you might be dealing with scammers looking to rip you off, says Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist.

Cicadas entered our world in a big way in 2021. In many ways, 2021 may be considered Meryl Baer of Beach Boomer Bulletin’s cicada year when she re-entered the world following months of covid quarantine. She discusses the similarities in this week’s post, Like a Cicada, Sort of.

After wearing masks for so long, the idea of putting on makeup may seem strange for women to think about. But as they begin to go out and socialize, they may want to update their cosmetic drawer and try something new. Rebecca Olkowski, with Baby Boomster, has some recommendations. Read about them here.

Laurie Stone of Musings, Rants & Scribbles knows the feeling. Her family’s going to everyone’s favorite summer spot. In their case, it’s the same house on Cape Cod each year. It’s nice to spend time together, something that’s rare now that the kids are grown. Still, a question lingers — can they survive a week in close proximity? After all, they’re out of practice.

And for some currently reading from me, when I originally wrote it Juneteenth wasn’t a Federal holiday, but as of this week….it is. Let us continue to take those steps forward.