Valentine’s Day, a day filled with pressure to live up to last year’s standards? A day filled with sadness? Or is it a day of cheesy puns? I think it’s the latter. Cheesy puns fill Valentine’s cards. Nothing serious, just punny fun. And you must know by now that I love a fun and cheesy pun. Here are 11 Valentine’s Puns to enjoy.

Remember your elementary school Valentine’s cards? I love Ewe. Will you Bee mine? Both usually with a picture to symbolize the bee or the ewe. I’m bananas for you, or I’m batty for you were also up there.

Remember searching for those noncommital Valentines like “You Rock!” instead of giving “Be Mine” to someone you didn’t like? Or trying to read meaning into a Valentine that the boy’s mother probably signed?

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane with these 11 Valentine’s Puns.

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Did any of them remind you of a Valentine you sent when you were young? I may need to make a retro card for my husband this year!