Yoga is not about the pose.
It’s not the alignment of 
toes or hips or shoulders.
It’s not about the form.

Yoga is an invitation to
explore, not a command
performance.  It speaks
the language of the soul.

In the flow of breath and 
motion, yoga coaxes us
from the confines of the
known, across the silent
threshold into vastness.

Yoga is the union of prayer
and movement, guided from
inside.  It is healing and the
joy of saying yes to life.

Breathe, relax and feel the
body receive its own truth.
The seed of freedom flowers
within each of us whenever
we are open to what’s real.
Danna Faulds

Yoga is not about the pose.  I started yoga after I quit smoking.  I wanted to regain my breath and start to feel healthy again.  Literally, I needed to learn to breathe again. But as I struggled through each pose, sweating, and heaving and gasping for breath, I found something more.  I found my breath, yes, but I also found my center.  And that has stayed with me, even during this past year of dealing with the after-effects of the car accident.

Despite all the Instagram selfies of yogi’s in unfathomable poses, yoga is not about the pose.

Yoga has never been about the pose.

Do you want to know what the most difficult pose is for any yogi/yogini?  Tadasana / Mountain Pose.  It takes an advanced practitioner to let go of their ego and allow themselves to just be in Tadasana–especially to be photographed “just” doing Tadasana.

 My challenge to you.  Do Tadasana this week.  Practice it by itself, no other poses.  Just come to Mountain pose and be.  Observe your breath and observe where your thoughts are going with this pose.  In that one pose, there is a whole yoga practice.  I’d like to hear what happens.