Remember playing outside galloping across a field?  Remember yesterday’s toys of fun and imagination? That’s what today’s creativity prompt is about.  Old and forgotten toys from childhood.  Only these toys aren’t forgotten.  If you’re ever in Havana, Cuba you will still see children playing with them.

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When I was growing up, there were no electronic games or toys.  The only toys I remember using any electricity were an Easy Bake Oven and a Lite Brite.  Everything else was push or pull by ourselves. Or just completely made up.  We used to imagine that the entire second floor of our house was an airplane.  One bedroom was the cockpit and one bedroom was for the passengers.

Remember when a toy didn’t have to be a fancy electronic gizmo?  Remember when your imagination (and possibly some imaginary friends) allowed you to play for hours with a hobby horse?  That’s what your creativity prompt is about today.  Where will it take you?  Here is previous post creativity prompt about using your imagination to play: Imagination in a Playground of Rusty Cars.

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I hope you have fun with this creativity prompt.  Perhaps reliving your own childhood memories?