Do you hear the words Vision Board and think it’s hokey?  Or that perhaps that ooey-gooey magical thinking is required?  Are you thinking that you’ll have to “manifest” something but don’t know how?  Then don’t worry.  Don’t let any of that scare you away.  This is why your Vision Boards should be practical.  If you’re reading this expecting to get tips on how to “manifest” then you’re in the wrong place.  I’m a firm believer in Vision Boards, but I also know that sitting around and wishing for your goals isn’t going to get you any closer to them unless you put some action behind that wishing.

What A Vision Board is NOT

A vision board is not a wish list.  It’s not a dream board.  It’s not something that you create once and stow away hoping everything will come true.  That was something I did with the Sears catalog when I was a kid.  I’d go through the toy section and pick out what toys I wanted and then put the book away.  If I didn’t tell my Mother what toys I wanted for Christmas, I didn’t get them.  (Like the year I got a doll and carriage when really, I just wanted a truck like my brothers got.)

I have heard Vision Board being used in conjunction with manifesting or manifestation according to the Law of Attraction.  That’s not a Vision Board, it’s a Dream Board or even a wish or a hope board.  Vision Boards are so much more than Dream Boards and so much more practical.

What a Vision Board IS

We’ve already determined that Vision Boards are not something that you create in the hopes of getting what you wished for.  A vision board is more practical than that.  It’s a visualization of your goals.  It helps you to stay focused on your goals so that the steps you take are in alignment with them.  So you can call it a Vision Board or if that sounds too hokey for you, then call it an Action Plan or a Goal Board. Whatever has a meaning for you is appropriate.  The key here is that you have the board.

In a previous post, What Is The Purpose of a Vision Board,  I wrote about the very first rudimentary vision board (really just a picture) that I ever had.  All for a coat. When I was young, we always got the practical winter coat.  You know, it would keep you warm in sub zero temperatures while making you look like the winterized version of the Pillsbury Dough Boy—that coat.  But, when I was in Middle School, I saw a cute coat that I really wanted.  It was the kind of coat that wouldn’t keep me warm in really cold weather, but I wanted it.

Since my parents wouldn’t buy it for me, I cut out a picture of the coat and put it in my mirror.  I looked at that coat every day and it reminded to save my money for the coat.  Eventually, I got it and wore the hell out of it.  And yes, I shivered through really cold days just so I wouldn’t have to put on the massive parka.

That is a Vision Board.  It’s that simple.  There’s no mumbo-jumbo associated with it.  It’s a visual reminder.  Every time you look at it, you’re reminded of the goal/goals that you’re driving towards.

But if the word Vision Board still scares you, then call it something else.  And if you don’t want to put it into a visual board, then create a 5 year To Do List or a Bucket List on Pinterest.  Or better yet, create a Portable Vision Board.

Why I’m A Fan of Portable Vision Boards

If you’ve been reading my blog at all, then you know that I not only love Vision Boards, but I love Portable Vision Boards.  If you’re wondering why the reason lies in the purpose of them.  A Vision Board reminds you of your goals, but if it’s sitting on your bureau or hutch at home then how does it help you in the real world when you need to make decisions?  It’s best if the Vision Board is somewhere near you so you can reference it.  Why do you need to reference it?

  • Boost you up when you’re feeling low.
  • Remind you of your goals.
  • Help you make decisions about which path to take when you’re at a crossroads.

Once you have a Portable Vision Board, you can carry it with you.  Put it in your pocketbook, bag or backpack.  Open it up for some inspiration and to help you keep on track towards your goals.  If you’re a visual person, if you’re a visual learner then this is one of the best ways to be reminded of your goals.