In honor of my mother’s birthday, I thought it would be fitting to use one of her quotes in a creativity prompt.  This quote was a recent gem that became an instant classic the moment it left her mouth.  You might ask why is there pie in my creativity prompt? 

There’s pie because that’s what my mother always did.  She baked pies.  We had birthday pie, not birthday cake. (My pie was strawberry!) People marveled over her pie crust and asked for the recipe.  Her secret to a perfect pie crust?   Use the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  She had years to perfect it.

This particular quote that I’m using for the creativity prompt happened when she decided she was going to plan the food for her funeral.  Mind you, she already planned the actual funeral years ago.  We always talked about death when I was growing up.  She wanted to make sure there was no fighting after she and dad died, so we all knew exactly what we’d get. But until last year, she never planned what would happen after the funeral and it all started with hallucinations she was having while on an antibiotic.

 She started hallucinating that she was planning the luncheon after her funeral and when I came to visit her, she dictated the menu she wanted at the event.  (Yes, I really do have it hanging on the Fridge.  Did I ever tell you that my mother is a formidable woman who will find a way to haunt me if I don’t put on her funeral exactly as she planned?  Well, she is.)  While she was trying to figure out what we would have for dessert, she uttered this instant classic, “I can’t make any pies.  I won’t be there.”

And there you have it.  Your creativity prompt.  It can suggest a variety of scenes.  What scene will you create with this prompt?

You might ask why is there pie in my creativity prompt?  There's pie because that's what my mother always did.  #CreativityPrompt #WritingPrompt #ApplePie #BlogPrompt #Mommyisms

As an addendum, Mother died on January 3rd of 2019, just eight months shy of her 100th birthday. We used her menu for the get-together after her funeral. How could we not? Then we laughed over all of her Mommyisms at her funeral.

And, yes. She preferred to be called Mother, not Mom.