Hot flashes?  Check.  Cold Flashes?  Check.  Period Stops?  Check.  Period comes back?  Check.  Wait.  What was that?  It stops and then it comes back?  That’s messed up!  When does the change actually stop changing?

I call the Change of Life -Orchids-

I’ve been on a roller coaster of bodily dysfunction for the past two years.  I’ve learned to deal with the cold flashes–yes, they are a real symptom of menopause (no, I don’t enjoy shivering under a blanket on a hot July day!) Even the hot flashes–yes, I get those too, but not as intense as the cold flashes.

But what really frustrates me is the big tease that has become my period.  At first it was just inconsistent.  Skip a month here.  Miss two months there.  Then it stopped for six months and I thought it was gone for good.  I even got used to not having to carry an emergency tampon and I forgot how my body felt just before a period.

So six months later when the cramping started again, I thought I was sick.  Nope.  Period.  After six months, you have to relearn how to manage your day and remember what to keep in your pocketbook.   For the next four months, I dealt with a full blown period again (not just a spotty one, but full on regular period!)  After four months, it was gone again…..for six months.  Then I got it back as a Christmas present and then it went away again for six months.

How long is this going to go on?  Am I at the beginning of a new six month cycle? Who knows what will happen next and that’s the frustrating part.  I’m so done with having a period.  It can stop now.

What about you?  What’s the most frustrating symptom of menopause?