Do you remember the last time you wanted to buy something big?  Did you start to notice when other people had it, see it all over the place? For me, it’s a car. Right now, my husband and I are looking at new cars (a hybrid Subaru Crosstrek) and it seems like that’s the only car we pick out on the road nowadays.  It seems like it’s everywhere and before I wanted it, I couldn’t have even told you what it looked like.  The same thing happened to me the last time I bought a car.  It’s true what you focus on expands.

That’s expansion.  My brain appears to be right in sync with my desires and is showing me the Crosstrek because that’s what I want.  I want the Crosstrek so now I see the Crosstrek wherever I go.  I feel like I’m being pointed in the direction of my goals.

But what would happen if all I thought was that I couldn’t afford it?  Or I said to myself, “I’ll never be able to afford that.”   Then I might not see the Crosstrek or I’d only see it at the same time I was seeing a Porsche.  That way I’d associate it with an expensive car even though it isn’t expensive.**

It’s important that you don’t challenge your desires or goals with an “if only.” If only I had enough money….was smart enough….strong enough…..pretty enough……STOP!  There is no IF about you.  You ARE enough and you can get what’s on that vision board.  That’s why a Vision Board can help you keep your goal in mind.  And that’s why a portable Vision Board is important.  It will be there for you throughout the day.  When doubt starts to creep in, pull it out and remind yourself what you’re working towards.

**Update**I know you’re curious.  Yes, we did buy a Subaru at the end of 2016.  But I picked the Outback over the Crosstrek.  But it was the Crosstrek that got me to the dealership in the first place.

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