It’s moving day.  There’s a lot of anxiety behind that statement.  I guess I’m about to find out what happens when you move back home….or at least when I move back home.

It’s such a weird feeling to be doing this, but at the same time, I’m so ready for the whole process to be finished.  I’ve been living in chaos for the last couple of months, as we started packing up what we could, getting rid of what we didn’t want, and staring at those things we weren’t sure about.  And now the wait is over and it’s happening!

While I pack and unpack and move things around, I thought I’d share some thoughts on home.

Joyce Carol Oats Goes Home Again – I’m not her biggest fan but I do enjoy some of her books especially Bellefleur.  It’s a strange walk through the lives of a strange family.  But this essay is not about the books she wrote, rather the place she thinks of when she thinks of home.

Going Home Again – is an overview of a TED talk that Sting gave on rekindling his creativity.  Below is the TED Talk.

I hope you enjoyed this look at home.