As you know, I like to use pictures as creativity prompts.  You also should know by now that I love trees and I usually see the personality of a tree in the way it looks or moves.  That feeling extends to bushes too, but also to the tree stumps left behind when a tree or bush is taken down.  That’s what today’s creativity prompt is about.  What do you see in the tree stump?

Years ago, my father planted Yew shrubs all around the house.  We had flattop ones that were on the sides of the house and some taller ones at the corners.  The flattops were cut down long ago, but the taller ones still remained until a few years ago when the last one was cut down.  To our surprise, we found an old beer bottle tucked into the nook of one of the roots.  Not sure how it got there, but someone was using it as a hiding spot or a shelf.

The tree has been down for a few years now, but only the other day I noticed something odd about it.  One section looked like an alien head or a lizard head depending on who is looking at it.  That’s where you come in.  You get to decide whether it’s an alien, a lizard or both and use this as your creativity prompt.  You can even decide that I’m crazy or seeing things and write about that.