Fear is my theme this week.  That fear that holds you back.  Stops you from accomplishing your goals.  That squashes your dreams.  But we all have different fears.  What do you fear to enter?

That’s why I think this quote from Joseph Campbell is the perfect Creativity Prompt for this week.  “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  How perfect is that quote?  It’s so true on so many levels.  Plus, it’s so great for so many storylines.  What cave do you fear to enter?  Is it the cave where the dragon is hoarding the gold?  Is it the cave where you find out that your father is Darth Vadar or that there is more to Kylo Ren than you thought?  Did pirates booby trap a cave full of treasure or is there a bear hiding in the dark?  What’s hiding in your cave?

Did you know that Joseph Cambell had an influence on Star Wars?  His book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, talks about mythical storytelling and the hero’s journey.  His influence on Star Wars was discussed in an interview that he did with Bill Moyer that can be found in the book The Power Of Myth.