No, I’m not talking about the Nightmare Before Christmas when I ask what do skeletons have to do with Christmas.  I am actually talking about a keychain that is used as a Christmas ornament on my tree.  I had three, but this year, I gave my son one of them as he’s setting up his first Christmas tree in his apartment.  These skeletons have been on my trees for 15 years now and they are attached to one of my favorite Christmas memories.

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One year, when our boys were teenagers, a girlfriend and I took our sons and some of their friends into the city (NYC) to see A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden.  After, we had dinner at Jeykel and Hyde’s, which is the perfect touristy, kitschy restaurant to take a bunch of teens.  Employees were dressed up as characters and were trying to scare patrons.  While we were eating we heard many screams, followed by laughs and that included those screams coming from our own table.  When we left, we were given the skeleton keychains as souvenirs.  The rest of the day included looking at the Christmas windows on 5th Avenue and, of course, seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center.

It was just one of those perfect days where the weather cooperated, the kids enjoyed themselves (no fighting, not pouting or teenage angst,) and every place we went was enjoyable.  And that’s why I have skeletons on my Christmas tree.

Your creativity prompt today is to either tell me about one of your favorite Christmas memories or to tell me a different story as to why those skeletons are on my Christmas tree.