What do hamburgers and creativity have in common?  I’ll tell you — Louis Lunch.  Yep.  Louise Lunch, where hamburgers began.  Don’t try to argue with me on this one.  According to Atlas Obscura, the Library of Congress even says so.

Today’s creativity prompt is not an actual hamburger, instead, it’s a picture of Louis Lunch in New Haven, Ct.  Louis Lunch has been in business and owned by the same family since 1895.  I thought the old-fashioned building made for a quaint picture, especially considering that it’s one block away from Yale University.

What story does your mind create about this building?  What history will you give it?

What do hamburgers and creativity have in common On UnfoldAndBegin.com

In case your wondering, the original hamburger is still made and served the same way and in the same grills that it was way back in 1900.  You will not find condiments in this restaurant.  You get it on toast with and you can add cheese, tomato or onions.  That’s it.  The idea is to taste the meat as it should be.  If you question that philosophy, then check out this Food Network video of Geoffrey Zakarian who loves these burgers!

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