In the early 2000’s, I remember going to a women’s conference on leadership and being told by one of the presenters that I had to sit like a man in a meeting in order to be taken seriously.  And there were a bunch of other tips on how I needed to act like a man in order to be taken seriously in the business world.  My co-workers and I still laugh about it to this day, especially after we were told to squeeze our butt cheeks together in order to stop our female tendency to cry when we get emotional—these tips were from another woman!

Really?  Really??  A woman has to act like a man to get ahead?  Why do I have to change who I am in order to be taken seriously?  Isn’t it time men change to be more like women?

Gloria Steinem quote - www.unfoldandbegin.com

Gloria Steinem quote – www.unfoldandbegin.com