We all need that friend. That one friend who won’t let you sit in the corner.  You know, the one who pushes you or dares you or challenges you to try something you’ve never done before.  I found myself stuck in a rut (working, eating, TV and sleep) and don’t know how to climb out of that rut–but she knew how to push me out.

For me, we knew each other since middle school but lost touch after high school.  She came blazing back into my life when our sons were in elementary school and my life hasn’t been the same since…..and I mean that in a good way!  And she pushed and prodded me off my couch and out into the world.

  1. She took me out hiking!  Hiking led to…
  2. Quitting Smoking! Which led to…
  3. Hut hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, which led to…
  4. Backpacking, staying in tents and shelters both in Connecticut and in the White Mountains.
  5. When our kids were young, I tried rollerblading…..that phase didn’t last long!
  6. Pushed me into my first Ashtanga yoga class
  7. Kayaking…..and trying to roll said kayak.  I never could get the hang of rolling with the paddle in my hand but I did learn how to do a hand roll.  It’s supposed to be harder, but fighting with the blade of the paddle was harder for me. Once I learned that hip action was required in rolling, it made things easier because I’ve got some pretty good hips!
  8. Be more daring with my hair.  My friend is now a kayak rolling instructor, but before that, she was a hairdresser.  I used to just perm my hair, but that changed after we got back in touch.  I’ve had long hair and short hair.  Blonde, brown and red (red was always my secret fantasy.)  I’m not afraid to change my look because of her. I do it every six months because I get bored with the same style.
  9. She made me try cross-country skiing.  Even on fairly flat ground I somehow managed to ski into a tree!  There’s been plenty of spills and laughter since, but it’s something that I’ve stuck with over the years.  This led to…
  10. Downhill Skiing, which I tried in my mid-forties.  I left it there too, downhill was not for me, but at least I tried it.

Even though we live in different states now, we’re still friends and when we do get together it’s as if no time has passed by.  Do you have one of those friends?  I’ve love to hear more.

If you’d like to know more about this friend of mine, you can read an interview that I did with her for my Starting Over series.  She went from Hairdresser to Kayak Instructor to Nurse.  How She Mastered the Art of Career Change.

We all need that friend. You know, the one who pushes you or dares you or challenges you to try something you’ve never done before.