I know you’re probably surprised to see a headline like that coming from me.  After all, two of my most popular posts are Create a Portable Vision Board and What is the Purpose of a Vision Board.  But now, I’m here to tell you why Vision Boards don’t work.

If you create a beautiful Vision Board with all your hopes and dreams and if you look at it every day, it’s still not going to get you where you want if you do nothing else but look at it.  A Vision Board is just a tool–it needs you in order to work.  It needs you to take steps towards your goal.  I’ve said it before, a Vision Board is not an ooie-gooie magical unicorn.   Think of it more like a car.  A car is a great tool for transportation, but looking at it in the driveway won’t get you to your destination. You need to get behind the wheel and drive it if you want to go somewhere.

A Vision Board should be the fuel that drives you toward your goal.  If you look at it every day, then you’re keeping your goals in front of you.  This allows you to then see the opportunities that present themselves. Opportunities that you might not recognize if you weren’t thinking about your goals.

Think about the last time you bought a car, for instance.  If you had a particular car in mind, did you ever notice how many times you saw that car?    It’s all over the place, right?  Not really.  It’s just that you’re more likely to see the car because it’s at the forefront of your mind.  The same is true about opportunities.  They are out there waiting for you to recognize them.  But first, you need to know which opportunity actually belongs to you.

A Parable for the Modern World

I’m sure we’ve all heard the parable of the flood.  A man in a flood insists that God will save him and passes up an opportunity to get out in a canoe, motorboat, and helicopter.  The flood eventually destroys the man’s house and he drowns.  When he gets to Heaven, he asks God why he didn’t save him and God said, “Didn’t save you?  I sent you a canoe, a motorboat, and a helicopter!  What more were you looking for?”

Now you might scoff at this and say it’s just a parable, it’s not real life and I would agree—except—I saw this play out in real life.  Ok.  Not a flood, but the concept.  Years ago, I was at a picnic with a friend.  Nearby, I saw a young man talking to a family and overheard him telling them how he couldn’t find a job because he needed a car. He then said he was praying to God to find him a car.

Not more than 5 minutes later an older man walked up and said to the younger man that he heard he needed a job and that he had an opening at his place and would the younger man want it.  But the younger man said that he couldn’t take the job because he didn’t have a car.  He then added that God would provide.

The older man shrugged his shoulders and walked away.  And there also went that young man’s opportunity to earn enough money to buy a car.  He failed to see the opportunity in front of him (he failed to see that God was providing.)

And that can be the danger of a Vision Board and the reason why Vision Boards don’t work–putting a picture of a car on your board and then waiting for it to drop out of the sky onto your driveway.  It doesn’t work that way.  We are all responsible for making our dreams and goals come true.

The Vision Board reminds us what we’re working towards, but working is a key concept.  It reminds us to make the choices that put us in the direction of our goals.  It also reminds us to be open and to recognize the opportunities along the way that will push us in the direction of our dreams.