My original plan was to do a post about Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never been a blogger who focused on a holiday in a “normal” way and luckily my streak continues.  Instead, I was thrilled that in my quest to look up Valentine Love this past week, I was re-introduced to jazz musician Norman Connors.

Valentine Love on UnfoldAndBegin.com

For anyone who knew me growing up, you’d be surprised to know that I had a jazz side in my body.  Heck, my first concert was Aerosmith.  Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath were on regular rotation in our house.  But back in the 70’s someone gave me Norman Connors’ Dark of Light and I found the refreshing lightness of smooth jazz was a nice counterpart to the Uriah Heap and Roxy Music that my brothers blared out of our stereo (when my parents weren’t home!)  Even today, my jazz taste tends more to the clarinet heavy New Orleans sound of Dr. Michael White.  But it was a nice surprise to find Norman Connors again.

So, for your listening pleasure, below you will find Valentine Love, the song that I found in my search.  And below that is a fusion of songs from the Dark of Light Album, my very first jazz album.  I hope you enjoy my Valentine to you.

And now for a taste of the album that turned me on to jazz, including introducing me to Herbie Hancock. It turns out that Norman Connors was a great collaborator and had many jazz greats record with him over the years.