True independence and freedom
can only exist in doing what’s right
Brigham Young

In America, we have a Declaration of
Independence, but our advancements,
our global strength all point to an 
American declaration of
Cory Booker

With 4th of July tomorrow, I thought I’d change up my Monday post a bit with these quotes.  We hear a lot lately about people being so adamant about their freedom and their individuality—all of which are important.  But usually, they seem to come at the expense of everyone else.  You didn’t get your freedom because of anything you did by yourself.  You got it because of a collective of people who rose up and declared that liberty for all was more important than tyranny.  The people of this country worked together to create that opportunity for you to be free.


Interdependence is the quality or condition of being mutually reliant on each other.  Not one benefiting more than the other, but mutual.

Whether we agree with each other politically or not, we all need each other.  Independence is great, but we depend on each other to get through each day.  Even the person who declares that they are self-made actually has to depend on others.  Either you work for someone who pays you or you have your own business in which case you have customers who pay you.  In both cases, you’re not independent, you’re interdependent on the people in your life.  Just as they are with you.

So for this Independence Day, I hope we all reflect a little on how our independence relies on our interdependence.  Happy Fourth of July everyone.  Be safe.