I love pulling creativity prompts straight out of a book.  How would we take a line from a famous book and use our imagination and make it our own? This leads me to this prompt from a Harry Potter novel, the first one.  How many people think they were perfectly normal?  J K Rowling created a deliciously repugnant family to be her “normal.” What will you create?

I love the Harry Potter books but didn’t start reading them until after the third book was published.  I tried to get my son interested in them, he was around 12 at the time, but he didn’t want to read them.  I kept telling him that he would like them but he wasn’t interested at all.

Then one week he was being disciplined for something, I don’t even remember what it was.  Disciplining included removing all electronics.   With nothing else to do except sit in his room all day, he started to read. Reading was never removed as a punishment, only TV.  He picked up the Harry Potter books and read all three of them in three days.  After he was done with the third book he came out of his room and asked for the next one.  I think it was a worse punishment for me to tell him that the next book hadn’t been published yet.

They were perfectly normal on UnfoldAndBegin.com

Along with the Narnia books, the Harry Potter series created a bond that my son and I shared over the years.  As new books came out, we would fight to read them first.  Then when the movies came out, we would go together on opening day.  He was 24 when the last movie came out and he didn’t want to see it with friends.  He wanted to see it with me.