Ragged dogs tell a story.  A lot of different stories.  There are books about lost dogs, books about found dogs.  There are books about stray dogs and any number of books that talk about the life of a street dog.  This week, our creativity prompt is a picture of a stray dog in Cuba.

This dog was roaming the grounds of a free Internet Library in Cuba.  The Internet Library was interesting too because internet service costs $10 per month.  But the average salary is only $30 per month.  This particular Library that we were at was also an arts center and a regular library.  There were few people looking at the books and more people waiting in line to log out a laptop to use at the internet cafe.  More people were sitting around outside using the wifi on their phones.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Barks

Looking at this picture, you might imagine that the dog is a street fighter who doesn’t want any company.  But you would be wrong.  He shared his lot with roosters and a peacock.  Such an odd combination of animals to be together.

The life of a street dog creativity prompt on UnfoldAndBegin.com


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There are numerous books and movies that feature dogs.  Did you see the recent A Dog’s Purpose movie in the theater?  It was warm, funny, happy, sad and then happy again.  The Book’s author, W. Bruce Cameron has other novels featuring dogs, including A Dog’s Way Home about an abandoned dog who forms a bond with the person who rescues him.  When they are separated by 400 miles of Colorado wilderness, this dog looks for his way home.  The Art of Racing in the Rain is told from the dog Enzo’s point of view.  Get ready for the tissues on this one, it had me crying throughout.