Chilling out on the bed in your hotel room
watching television, while wearing 
your own pajamas is sometimes
the best part of a vacation
Laura Marano

And really, sometimes that’s all you need.  I’ve hiked up mountains with a head cold and a bottle of Nyquil in my backpack.  I’ve also had a hot tea of Vitamin C powder and cold packets mixed together just before I went cross country skiing.  I had fun, but neither trip was relaxing.  In both cases, I needed to recover afterward.  I needed a vacation from my vacation.

The Perfect Vacation

Some people can go hiking or cross country skiing and the next day be revved up and ready to go back to work.  Not me.  Even when I’m not sick, I need time off after the strenuous trip.  Because that’s not what my body needs to relax.  Hiking and cross-country skiing are not relaxing for me.  They can be fun and they are a workout, but that’s not a vacation.  For me, relaxing equals a great vacation and is just what my mind and body need.  To relax, I want to be on a beach or next to a pool or even curled up in bed with a good book.  That’s relaxing for me.  What makes a perfect vacation for you?