If you are anywhere near the Northeast in the US, then this past week has been one big deep freeze.  It’s bad enough when the temperatures are near zero (that’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius,) but when the wind starts blowing and makes it feel like it’s negative 30 degrees, well that’s just unacceptable.  Now, it’s time to thaw out with the best of the Boomer Blogs.

Tom Sightings sometimes wonders if it’s hard to retire. He was at a holiday party, enjoying himself, catching up with old friends, when he met an old colleague . . . and ended up with a job! Read about his conflicted emotions in Working Again at Sightings Over Sixty. And then, in case you haven’t checked your answers to the Baby Boomer quiz — or haven’t taken it at all — head over to Answers to What’s Your Baby Boomer IQ and see if you measure up in your knowledge of trivia of the 1960s and ’70s.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about how irritating it was to have wait to make a left turn because two people were slowly walking along where she needed to turn into the parking lot because they were on the cell phones. In addition to being rude, it’s dangerous to be on your cell phone when you use the crosswalk or walk down the sidewalk. Don’t do it.
Rebecca at Baby Boomster in sunny California found a way to be hopeful for 2018.  The year started off with the amazing Rose Parade, whose theme was “Make a Difference.” The theme repeated on the last episode of 60 Minutes for 2017. Whether it’s a response to what’s been happening in the news lately or not, it’s an idea those of us over 50 may want to run with to ensure the future of younger generations.
While there are cars frozen in place like some weird popsicle on the streets of Boston, Sue is nice and warm and creating her summer bucket list in Australia.  How are you feeling starting a New Year? Feeling ready to take on new experiences or are you feeling jaded already? Maybe you need a new focus? Each year, Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 Beyond selects a word that will inspire and motivate her in life. This year Sue will be focusing on the word Thrive and invites you to join her for thOver 50 & Thriving Series. Read what Sue haplanned for 2018 together with guest writers who will share their thoughts what being Over 50 Thriving means to them.
Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting’s computer failed over a period of months, finally refusing to open one fateful day. A trip to the Apple store in frigid weather ended in the purchase of a new computer. Luckily the data on Baer’s old computer remained intact and migrated to the new machine. However using the new computer once at home was not as seamless and easy as hoped, as Baer relates in New Year New Computer New Problems.
Writer Laura Lee Carter has something for everyone this week! First, she wrote about Passive Solar Heating for those of you who don’t get what it is, and then she wrote about one of her areas of expertise: Mistakes in Dating After Age 40.

How much time do we spend on useless worry? Over at Heart-Mind-Soul, Carol Cassara points out that worry can keep us from living a full life.  And she gives us a cute idea for a New Year prep kit.

And finally, I spent the frigid week hiding inside.  I couldn’t even help shovel out from our blizzard (aw, shucks!) because I had shoulder surgery the week before.  Nothing to worry about, just a bone spur that needed to stop causing me pain.  While I recuperated in the nice warmth of our home, I spent time thinking about what I want from 2018 and my word for the year in When You Realize There Is Nothing Lacking.