I love these swans.  But I have to ask why are there swans at the rum shop?  Seriously, these swans decorate the porch leading into the shop that sells Bocoy Rum, Legendario Rum (oh, so good,) and Santiago de Cuba Ron Anejo Rum.  I just don’t understand the swans, I don’t see a swan on the labels.  I guess that will be one of those mysteries for me.

We were at the shop on a Wednesday morning around 9:30 am.  Rum bottles were lined up on the side while someone spoke about Cuban cigars because the shop also sold these.  I wasn’t interested in cigars, but I love a good rum, so I started speaking to the gentleman who was with the bottles of rum.  And that’s when he offered to give me tastings of the rum.    We left with two bottles.  The seven-year-old Legendario Elixir de Cuba was my favorite.  It has a slightly sweet taste to it and I’m sipping it right now.

This brings us to the creativity prompt.  These swans look so angry to me and perhaps there’s a story there.   Why are they stuck on the porch?  Are they drawn to the rum or to the cigars or to both?

Rum and Swans in Cuba on UnfoldAndBegin.com

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