A pessimist sees the difficult
in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the
opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill

I admit it’s not always easy for me to see the opportunity when difficult times come along.  So much easier, sometimes, to just sit back and complain.  But complaining doesn’t really get you anywhere.  You’re still left with what’s difficult and now, you’ve complained so much, you feel even worse than before.  Sigh.

So much better to try to look at the difficult as an opportunity.  What else can come of it?  It’s not always easy to do, but by looking for the opportunity, you might find something unexpected.  Something wonderful that you hadn’t considered yet.

I promise myself that I will try to always look for the opportunity.  I might stumble and look for the difficult first, maybe even complain, but as long as I then start looking for the opportunity, I will gain, at the very least, some new insight.  I will only fail if I fail to look for the opportunity.