My word for the year is renewal.  In my post, 2017 is the Year for New Beginnings, I wrote about how I needed to take care of myself, reconnect with who I’ve always wanted to be, renew relationships and remove clutter in order to unfold and begin again.  We’re halfway through the year now, time for revisiting my word of the year.

The Struggles

I admit, there were some ups and downs as I struggled with downsizing and selling my condo.  I was dragging feet and sometimes acting like a child.  I’d pack one thing and then go sit for an hour.  Then I realized that I was having a hard time letting go because this was my first big purchase after my divorce.  I’d been through so much prior to that moment and being able to buy my own place was a huge moment in life.

Once I took the time to reflect on that and acknowledge how far I’ve come, I was able to move on and be less of a child during the packing process.  Writing about it in Why Is It So Hard To Leave really helped.

It didn’t stop the anxiety on moving day, but I’m sure a lot of people go through that when they’re moving.  What Happens When You Move Back Home is a little glimpse into my moving day anxieties.

During this entire time, I was waiting, working and supporting others while we watched our call center close.  Tough to be out of a job after working with the same people for the last twenty-five years.  A Lifetime of Work by the Numbers shared my time with that company.

The Highlights

Renewal for me was also about self-care, looking forward to the future, and of course, vacation time.  This year, we decided to take an extended vacation.  It included our first cruise, a trip to Cuba, a day spent swimming in the Bahamas and plenty of relaxation.   While there were several posts about our vacation, I think How To Check Something Off Your Bucket List is a great description of how to go with the flow and have fun.

Meditation is a great way to do a daily renewal.  It helps in Clearing Out the Clutter in My Mind.    If you haven’t tried meditation yet, this post gives some options on how to get started.

Do You Know How to Take Care of Yourself talks about the importance of self-care and gives 5 suggestions on free ways to do that.  It’s a reminder that there are times when we need to put ourselves first in order to be in shape and ready to put others first.  The two go hand in hand.  Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

Do you have a word of the year?  How have you been following the path of your word?