Instead of doing yet another Labor Day post, here is our Labor Day roundup of posts for your reading pleasure.

In 2014, I missed posting on Labor Day, which fell on September 1st that year.  So instead, here is The Blush Of September.

Remember the old fashion rules?  I did a post about fashion rules that I grew up with in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Some you might never have heard of, they might have been my Mother’s personal rules.  But I’m sure all have heard Don’t Wear White After Labor Day.

I was lamenting the start of school coming before Labor Day in my 2016 Labor Day post. But I also included a link to a page about the history of Labor Day.  It includes videos, talks about the unsafe working conditions of the Industrial Revolution and about child labor.  It was amazing to learn that child labor didn’t really stop until the early 20th century and it was Labor Unions and the workers who brought attention to this horrible condition and pushed for laws to change it.  (There had been laws created in the 1800’s about child labor, but they were not being followed or enforced.)

I hope you enjoy this short round up of Labor Day posts.  And I hope you have a nice sunny day to enjoy the last holiday weekend of summer.