If you do not express your own original ideas,
If you do not listen to your own being,
you will have betrayed yourself.
Also, you will have betrayed your community
In failing to make your contribution.
Rollo May

You will have betrayed yourself.  You will have betrayed your community.  That is the price you will pay if you don’t share your creativity.  Do not fail to make your contribution.

Heavy stuff.  But think about it.  All of your life, you’ve known you had something that you needed to share, it’s been nagging at you.  You know that feeling well, but you pushed it aside.  Whether it was from fear, or to raise a family or to follow a career path you thought you wanted.  You pushed that feeling aside.

But now, the children are grown or that career has become tedious or you’re tired of being afraid.  And now that feeling is rearing up stronger than before.  And you realize that the time is now.  It’s the time to pick up that paintbrush or pen or needle or camera.  It’s time to show up for the work that you were supposed to create so that you can share it with your community.

What are you waiting for?