A Mother is always a Mother,
she never stops worrying about her children,
even when they are all grown up and
have children of their own.

Now that’s true.  As a Mother with a son who lives on his own, I don’t stop worrying about him.  Although, with him out from under the same roof, I am not always questioning where he is going or worrying if he’s getting home on time.

My Mother has a Masters in worry.  It’s her job.  She took the job the day her first child was born over 75 years ago.  Her go-to food when worried is peanut butter.  We joke that it’s her spinach because when she doesn’t feel good we give her a couple of peanut butter crackers and she’s good to go.  (Maybe that’s her secret to long life!)

One More Mommyism

When my Mother worries, she can be found sitting at the table eating peanut butter on saltines.  When I was a teenager, I came downstairs one night to find her at the table eating her peanut butter crackers.  I asked her why she was eating them and she told me she was worried about her children.  I pointed out that all of her children were home at that moment and she said, “I’m worried about what you’re going to do.” And that is truly my Mother.