We all need a little inspiration now and then.  There are a lot of different ways to get inspiration, such as reading or being out in nature, or even having fun with your family (and so many other ways…)  But lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts to get the creative juices engaged. Podcasts are a great way to get inspired while you’re driving or working out. Below are my go-to podcasts for creative inspiration.

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Own Your Creativity

One of my go-to podcasts is Own Your Creativity by Elizabeth Johnston.  Elizabeth is a writer and writing coach. She interviews several exciting people, including Jeff Goins and the Book Ninja, Kristen Joy.  The topics are varied such as one interview with an entertainment lawyer who discussed copyright laws as well as the legalities of writing about living people and other subjects.  Another was about journaling for transformation, and one was about motivation.

She also interviewed Sheila Horrell, who leads drumming circles, and Chef Dave Cote.  She interviewed a mechanical engineer, a neuroscientist, and a songwriter. All discuss how creativity plays a role in their life.

Magic Lessons

I love Elizabeth Gilbert.  I first found her through her book Eat, Pray, Love which was published in 2006.   I know it’s been panned by “literary” critics everywhere but I don’t care.  When this book first came out, I was a brand new yoga teacher.  The book and her soul searching through food and meditation before finding love hit a nerve.  My fellow newly minted yoga teachers and I fell all over this book.  As the years passed, the book faded into the background, but in 2015 Gilbert came out with Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  And you know I wasn’t going to let a book about creativity pass me by.  In 2016, she created her podcast Magic Lessons.  There are only 21 episodes, but she packs a lot into a short time frame.

There is an episode on Creativity and Fear and another called You Have a Screaming, Not a Calling.  Her interviews include Brene Brown and Amy Purdy.  She kicked off the podcast by interviewing Cheryl Stayed of Wild fame.

The Deliberate Creative

This podcast really illustrates what I speak about.  Creativity is needed no matter what field you work in.  This podcast, The Deliberate Creative by Dr. Amy Climer, is designed to help leaders drive innovation in the workplace.  There are episodes on how to open and close meetings, how to use improv to build creative teams, and how conflict impacts team creativity.  She interviews a variety of people, including an artist, a project manager, and a professor who discusses how yoga has had an impact on her creativity.  She even has an episode on Shackleton and how through his leadership skills (and creativity) he was able to get his entire crew back home despite their ship sinking in Antarctica on a trip to the South Pole.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Life can’t be all work.  That’s a surefire way to make your creativity disappear.  So there has to be at least one (or more) thing that is just for fun.  Anna Faris is funny as she interviews Hollywood and music stars.  Her interviews range from Stan Lee to Alanis Morrisette, from Russell Peters to RuPaul to Jeremy Renner.  She creates characters to roleplay with her guests and creates “let’s pretend” scenarios to have fun with her guests.  This podcast will make you laugh.  Laughter is the inspiration for your creativity.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts.  And I’d love to hear what podcasts you enjoy listening to.