My First Language was Shy

This quote hits the nail on the head.  Al Pacino had stardom thrust him out of shyness.  I still find it funny that shy people get into acting or are pushed into acting as a way to “come out of their shell.”  I know it well, as I was pushed into acting as a young child.  It allowed me to step outside of myself and be someone else, but it didn’t help with the shyness.  Once the play was over, I still had to be me and I was shy.

I was am still shy. When I was younger, shyness could rule my life. Difficulty speaking in front of a class?  Check.  Hard time meeting new people?  Check.  Hid?  Check.  Used words and journals and stories to express myself?  Check.  I’m sure non-shy people expressed themselves through the written word as well.  But for me, it was a way to break out of the shell—-that is, right up until the moment someone asked me to read it out loud.

It wasn’t until I was forced to give presentations at work and lead meetings that I found myself breaking that shell. Becoming a yoga teacher finished the job.  You really put yourself out there when teaching yoga and it’s the real me that comes out, that’s the only way I know how to do it.

I’m still shy–back in 2012 I deleted the first blog I created because I was afraid someone would read it—I’ve just learned how to set aside the shyness in order to participate, in order to lead and in order to enjoy.  Of course, some days I still lose the battle and I let the shyness overwhelm me,   Luckily, those days are fewer now than in the past.