Love Your family leave no room for regrets #loveyourfamily #noregrets #todayisshortLove Your Family
Spend time, be kind
and serve one another.
Make no room for regrets.
Tomorrow is not promised
and today is short.

Love your family and in order to do that, you have to make time for your family.  I think this quote really sums it all up.  You have to spend time with your family, be there for them.  You may not always see them, but you can always talk to them, message them, text them.  Do whatever it takes, but make time for your family.  And your family is whoever you make it to be.  I know not everyone grew up in big, happy families like I did, but many people have someone they consider an important friend or their “family.”  Take time to appreciate, celebrate and enjoy that relationship.  Don’t be “too busy” to connect.

Schedule “dates” with your family, arrange get-togethers, plan a weekend meal with your family.  Take vacations together.  Some of my favorite grown-up vacations include at least one of my sisters or brothers.  Usually, this also included a specific lake in Maine.  But one brother and I took our families to Plymouth and Gettysburg together.  I’ve also been to Williamsburg with one sister and Myrtle Beach with another.   I’m so glad that my family stayed close.