It’s lack of faith that makes people
afraid of meeting challenges,
I believed in myself.
Muhammad Ali

It seems to be fitting that at the same time I’m using a quote from Muhammad Ali that I’m watching his daughter Laila Ali on Chopped on the Food Network.  One of the judges commented that it must be intimidating to have Muhammad Ali’s daughter on the show.  My husband and I both said the same thing, “How about it’s intimidating to have Laila on the show?”  She is a powerful person in her own right and she came right out and said, “I have a lot of confidence in myself.”

And that’s the key.  Yes, she is Muhammad Ali’s daughter.  He taught her to have that faith, to believe in herself.  But she is the one who had to do the believing. Her father couldn’t do it for her. She had to. And it shows. Imagine a boxer having the confidence to enter a Chopped cooking competition.