August 13th is a special date.  Not only is it my Mother’s 99th birthday today, but it’s also International Left-Hander’s Day.  Quite appropriate as my Mother started out life as a left-hander.  But, of course, there are stories to tell as it had to be my Mother!

Yes.  It’s true.  99 years ago my Mother started out life as a left-hander.  But school was not about to let her stay one.  Today, someone would probably end up in court for this, but not in the 1920’s.  Since left-handers were far and few between teachers didn’t know how to teach them to write.  Instead of trying to figure it out, her teacher just tied a pencil onto my Mother’s hand and forced her to write right.

It was at that moment that school became torture for her.  From that moment forward, she was just there for the social aspect of it.  The rest of her school career was just something to be endured by her.  In high school, she was such a chatterbox that one time she failed to hear the teacher call attention and got slapped for it.  (Because they could do those things back then, too.)  But don’t ever slap my Mother because she slaps back. And that’s exactly what she did to her teacher.  My Mother also managed to talk her way out of trouble by explaining that it was just an automatic response after the teacher slapped her with no warning.

In tribute to her outstanding school years, I thought I’d share some interesting pictures from her High School Year Book.

My mother’s picture.  I also thought it was interesting that back then, 95 degrees on July 11th, 1935 was considered notable enough to make it as a drawing in their yearbook.

Dorrie yearbook pic on UnfoldAndBegn.com

This was with her picture.  The “Whalen” mentioned was her friend Billy.  They never dated but were best friends.  After high school, he married one of my mother’s friends but then died in the war.  (And when I say one of my Mother’s friend’s, please note, I mean one that she played cards with.  Unfortunately, the woman died a couple of years ago but was part of the gang of friends from high school that all made it into their 90’s. And that’s what my Mother calls them, her gang.)

Doris Elinore on UnfoldAndBegin.com

I’m not sure who their artist was, but along the sides of the pages were all these different drawings of the history that happened or was happening while they were in school. Amelia took off on her last flight in June of 1937.  She was reported missing on July 2nd.

And finally, I couldn’t let this picture go by without sharing it.  The NRA mentioned is the National Recovery Administration which came about during the New Deal during the Great Depression.

Supreme Court and the NRA on UnfoldAndBegin.com