I love this photo from a vacation that I took back in 2005 to visit my niece in California.  They live in the desert, near the Colorado River which is also the border between Arizona and California.  Below is a popular swimming spot on the river.  My son was feeling creative and made a cape out of leaf fronds, which leads to the question, is that the Leaf Man of the Colorado?

What’s fun about this picture is that because it was taken with an older camera phone, it’s a little fuzzy for everything except the lounge chair. Do you see the other person walking up ahead of my son?  Trust me, he’s there in an almost supernatural kind of way.  You can see the upper part of his body, which appears to be fading into the landscape.  But the lower half of his body is not seen, which it should be because the grass wasn’t that thick close to the water.

I think the camera was having a hard time distinguishing between the grass and the body. So it just blurred it all out.  Or was it something else?  Seems kind of strange that the grass farther up ahead is clearer than the section in the middle.  It’s almost as if he’s disappearing into some other world…

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