There once was a woman who dreaded being with her husband.  Who walked around on eggshells.  He wasn’t a physically abusive man, he was just someone who thought only of himself, who felt a wife and child lived to serve him.

In the meantime she would just live on UnfoldAndBegin.comThe fights increased as she refused, more and more, to be his servant.  Until one day, the fights ceased.  She came home and found an empty house.  He took what meant the most to him—truck and motorcycle—and left.  He traveled over 1000 miles to get away.  He calculated that she would fall apart without him and beg him to come back.  It didn’t happen.  A month later, he tried to come back, she wouldn’t have it.  That door was closed forever.

It would take another two years of bitter back and forth before the divorce was complete.  But she wasn’t going to put her life on hold.  She decided when the process first started, that in the meantime, she would just live.


Well, there you have it, the end of my first marriage.  Far more complicated that those three simple paragraphs, but this is what came from the Creativity Prompt exercise that was the last line of a book.  So many thanks to Cecilia Ahearn, author of P.S. I Love You (at age 21) for the last line “in the meantime, she would just live,” which started this creative exercise.