I came across this picture in Canva and had to use it!  When I use a picture for a creativity prompt, usually it’s one that I took—not all but most.  This is one that I didn’t take but comes right out of my life.  When we were growing up, we would use our imagination in a playground of rusty cars.

There used to be an empty lot in between the house I grew up in and my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  In the lot, there were two rusted out cars.  One was an old, green Plymouth that had an interior that looked similar to this picture.  The other car was white but wasn’t as old. Grass and weeds grew in and around both cars.

We would play Bonnie and Clyde or just regular Cops and Robbers in those two cars.  The green one was always the getaway car.  We would sit in these cars and then bounce up and down on the seats to pretend we were driving really fast.  The driver was in charge of making the speeding car and squealing tire noises.  When we weren’t playing in the cars, we were using them as bases.  Home plate was the green car, first base was the white car.  A tree in the middle of the field was second base and third base was someone’s glove.  It’s amazing how we could turn anything into a toy.

What does this picture remind you of?  I hope it inspires your creations.

Imagination in a playground of rusty cars on UnfoldAndBegin.com