If you want to be a writer,
you must do two things above all others:
read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around
these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.
Stephen King

There really is no other way.  If you want to be a writer you actually have to write.  Write anything.  Write something horrible or not.  It doesn’t matter.  Just write.  The same is true of reading.  If you don’t read, how will you understand the very craft that you want to create?  Here are sixteen quotes to remind you of the importance of getting into the habit of writing, where people work and why they write.  I hope any one of these will inspire you to create that habit!

Get Into the Writing Habit

Keeping a habit, in the smallest way, protects and strengthens it. I write every day, even if it’s just a sentence, to keep my habit of daily writing strong.
Gretchen Rubin

When I wake up in the morning, I need the writing to go to. I begin there. And that’s not an accident, I mean, that habit of getting up in the morning and going to my writing first thing.
John Edgar Wideman

Aim to write for an hour per day. I used to be a teacher, and an hour a day before school was all it took for me to write my first book. Don’t get discouraged if a holiday or illness interrupts your writing habit. Just start it up again.
Caroline Lawrence

Where You Do It Only Matters To You

I need to write in a small room – the smaller the better. I can’t write in a big room where someone might sneak up behind my back.
Douglas Preston

I kind of have my little OCD woodshed at my house where everything is just right when I go write.
Sam Hunt

I write in my study, where I also have my prayer altar. I believe that keeps me focused and gives me positive energy and reminds me that I’m merely the instrument of greater creative forces.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Twice a year, I take myself off to a self-imposed ‘writer’s retreat’, staying at a small inn or on a friend’s farm, where I am all alone and do nothing other than write. Jane Green

I write in the mornings once the kids have gone to school, taking my laptop and a coffee to a little writer’s room in town where I plant noise-canceling headphones on my head and get to work.
Jane Green

When I first started writing, and no one was paying me, in order to feel like I had a real job, I would get out of bed, put on a jacket and tie every morning, and sit down at my desk.
Graham Moore

Why You Write Is Personal Too

I write to tell my grandchildren where they come from, and what their grandparents were up to, and I hope they will in their own way continue. I invite anyone else to listen in.
Arthur Hertzberg

I always write to understand my place in the world. I can see myself and my life unfold on the page, and I can understand my strengths, my weaknesses – I can see where I need to step up a bit.
Jason Mraz

Why did I write? Because I found life unsatisfactory.
Tennessee Williams

One of the reasons I began to write was because I wanted stories for my children where the characters spoke as they did and had similar life experiences.
Theresa Breslin

Take it from me: I really love making things up, which is why I write fiction for a living.
Kristin Gore

I’m more interested in interpersonal relationships – between lovers families, siblings. That’s why I write about how we treat each other.
Terry McMillan

Why a ghost story? Well, I love them. They’re fun to read – and, yes, fun to write.
Chris Bohjalian

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you found a quote that sticks with you and inspires you to sit down and write.  If you’re looking for additional training in writing, then please check out the classes that are available through MasterClass.  You can study with Judy Blume, Malcolm Gladwell, Shonda Rhimes, Aaron Sorkin, William Patterson, Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood, and more. 

If you want to be a writer you actually have to write. Here are sixteen quotes to remind you of the importance of getting into the habit of writing. #writeanywhere #didyouwritetoday