“I got it right in the morning and I didn’t get it right in the afternoon.”  It seems like a throwaway statement.  One of those conversation fillers that you might throw into an everyday conversation.  But if you lift it out, you can “hear” that there is so much more going on.  What went right?  What went wrong?  It’s for you to decide.

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This particular statement was made by one of the contestants on The Great British Baking Show.  Chetna Makan said it after she lost and didn’t make it to the next round or episode.  Obviously, in this case, her bakes in the morning were good, but she didn’t do well in the final challenge.  But when I heard her make that statement, it turned my head.  To me, the statement is intriguing and can have so many different meanings for so many different people.  What will it mean for you or for one of your characters?

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Finding interest in the small things, the throwaway phrases, the slight gestures….that’s where inspiration can come from.  In All We Need Is Creative Inspiration, I wrote about how we find our inspiration while practicing.  And small phrases like this can help.  What does this small phrase inspire you to create?