If you’ve been following along with my Friday posts, then you know that today is a Creativity Prompt.  The reason why I call them Creativity instead of Writing prompts is that a prompt can inspire any artist.  I might look at a creativity prompt and be inspired to write a poem or a journal entry or even a story.  Someone else might be inspired to take a picture or paint a picture or create a mixed-media display.  We’re all different and we look at the world differently, but we ALL also sometimes get stuck in a rut.  This is how to shake up your artistic routine!

The Prompts

Usually, I’ll share a picture as a creativity prompt.  I started using a picture because I didn’t see a lot of them being used and because I get inspired to write something by the pictures that I see.  Then my husband suggested that I should use the last line of a book instead of the first line.  Those were pretty fun too and one of those inspired a blog post.  I’ve also included favorite movie lines and recently started adding in first sentences.

The first sentences came about because while downsizing, I found my old writing notebook from the ’70s and ’80s.  And in it, I found this writing exercise that I was doing.  I just wrote these first sentences, with the goal to make them interesting enough to pull a reader in.  So I would just practice writing these sentences in the hope of finding something that I wanted to develop further.  I found a whole page of these first sentences and decided to share some of them with you.  That’s today’s creativity prompt.  A first sentence.

How to shake up your artistic routine on UnfoldAndBegin.com

I hope this inspires your creativity, no matter the form it takes.  I’m always interested in seeing where my prompts lead you, so feel free to link back to any post you created based on my prompts or share pictures of your art.