Trying new things is something I like to do.  It keeps you fresh, on your toes and learning new things.  Trying new things allows you to be flexible and possibly allows you to handle stressful new situations better than others because you’re practicing it all the time.  This past weekend was no different, I tried something new, had fun with my friends and laughed a lot.  If you want to know how to have fun while pedaling through New Haven, then you need to check out the Elm City Party Bike.  (This is not a sponsored post.)

Our trip was a birthday party.  Actually, the birthday happened back in April for the son of one of my friends.  Tickets to the party bike were his birthday gift from an Aunt and it turned in a group event.  There were 11 people in our group and an additional group of 4 that joined us on the bike.

If you’re from Connecticut and haven’t heard about the Elm City Party Bike before, it’s ok.  The business only opened in April of this year but they are so popular that when you book for groups, you’re booking into December.  And yes, they run rain or shine because they have a canopy (although they reserve the right to cancel for hurricanes, snowstorms, etc.)  There is a battery powered engine to assist on some uphills but the bike truly runs by human pedal power.  Yes, 10 of the 15 people on the bike have to pedal.  The other 5 get to enjoy the ride.  Since there are stops along the trip, you can switch out who is pedaling.

It is a party bike, but you bring the party.  Any booze or food served on the party bike is brought by the patrons.  The bike has coolers and storage built-in.  The Party bike has two people running it, one who is steering and one that is tending to the patrons.  So while you’re pedaling away, you can ask for a drink and they will serve you whatever you brought.  One thing you should remember is to bring your own tunes.  Have a playlist ready to go.  They can put it through their speaker system and even have chargers for iPhones.

Scenes from the Elm City Party Bike on UnfoldAndBegin.com

The trip is about 2 hours with three stops along the way.  Our first stop was Three Sheets for my first ever Pickleback Shot.  A shot of Whiskey and a shot of Pickle Brine to chase it down.  It was unique.  My Skipah friend would probably really love it.

Then on to the Elm City Social where we enjoyed a Rubber Ducky Martini and a Miracle Man.  You’ll have to check out their menu to find out what’s in them besides an actual Rubber Duck.  We then finished up the trip at Barcade.  Loved IT!  Classic video and pinball games?  What’s not to love?  Think Donkey Kong and Space Invaders.

Hint, the last leg of the trip is the shortest so if you want to say you pedaled, but not pedal too much, then volunteer for this leg!  It will be fun, trust me.  After all that drinking on the bike and then all the stops at the bar?  Seriously, though, we had fun and no one got off that bike drunk.  I guess it was all the pedaling?  I highly recommend the Elm City Party Bike if you want to have some fun with a group of friends. (And don’t mind a workout while you’re doing it!)

Things to Remember

  • BYOB.  While there is a bartender on the bike, the bartender is serving you your own drinks that are being stored in specially built in coolers.
  • BYOF.  You also need to bring your own snacks and food.
  • Be prepared to pedal.  When the bike has a full 15 participants, 5 people don’t have to pedal.  But there will be opportunities to “tag in” to pedal.
  • Remember that there are several stops on the way.  Don’t spend all your money in the first place
  • Check out the website, including their own FAQ page.

Have you tried the Elm City Park Bike yet?  Does your area have something similar?  Let me know about it in the comments below