It’s the midyear.  Six months are gone in 2018 and six months still left to go.  Now is a great time to review your goals to find out if you’re on target.  Or, do you need to make some adjustments in the second half of the year?  Continue reading to find out how to do a midyear check-in of your goals.  Time to celebrate goals met.  Take stock of your progress towards your other goals and re-evaluate goals that have little or no progress.


Don’t forget to celebrate the goals that you met.  Unless it’s a big goal like getting the promotion that you wanted, most people don’t take the time to celebrate.  Meeting goals can be hard.  It takes discipline, drive, and focus.  Not everyone has those qualities.

So yes, pat yourself on the back.  Give yourself a high five (self five!)  Just don’t forget to acknowledge that you made these achievements.

If you have a Vision Board or Action Plan then I encourage you to check these off.  Yes, even on a Vision Board.  Take a big fat marker and place a check over the picture of your goal.  This is especially helpful if you are a Visual or Kinesthetic learner.


Where do you stand with your other goals?  Are you making good progress on a goal that will take the full year to meet?  Or have you started working on the next step in a series of goals for a bigger project?

For instance, if one of your goals was to have a finished novel to send to a publisher by year end you should have a series of smaller goals to complete.  Each goal met builds throughout the year and culminates in the bigger goal of the finished work.  Outline your novel, write the first draft, edit the first draft…etc.  Now is the time to look at this series of goals and determine if you’re on track.  Or are you behind or ahead of where you need to be?

Some questions you might ask include: What have I achieved so far? What have I learned so far this year? Am I where I expected or planned to be at this time? If I’m not, what steps can I take in order to get back on track?


This is the time to determine if the goals that you set at the beginning of the year are still meaningful to you?  Over time, things change and goals that we set shouldn’t be rigid and unchangeable. It’s important that you be willing to adapt or change your goals.  What happens to your work goals if the company lays you off?  Do you need to make new goals if you find your relationship status has changed?

This is the time to start asking:  Are my goals still relevant?  What challenges or obstacles came up during the year?  Are there things that can I do differently?  What new goals should I be focusing on?  Do I need to jettison something that’s bogging me down?

I think that last question is one of the most important to ask.  Why?  Because a goal that is bogging you down might be having an impact on how you feel about yourself or your other goals.  It’s much better to jettison a goal than let it hang over your head and make you feel bad about yourself. Maybe your goal is too big and you should break it down into smaller pieces–you can’t be a VP of your company this year if you haven’t spent time as a manager or a director.  Or may you set a goal that you have no control over? You can’t guarantee that your novel will be a bestseller because that’s dependent on other people buying it.  But you can control whether you complete the novel or not.

You should also update your Vision Board or Action Plan.   You can find other ways to update your vision board in How Do You Update Your Vision Board.

I hope you found all of these suggestions useful.