By the time you read this, I’ll be on a cruise to Cuba.  For those of you from anywhere but the U.S., that’s not a big deal.  But to those of us from the U.S.—that’s a huge deal.  Just 5 years ago, I had more of an opportunity of getting to Antartica than to Cuba.  But that all changed when Jay-Z and Beyonce went there.  Seriously, before that did you know anyone who ever went to Cuba that wasn’t going to a U.S. Military Base?  Since I’m always encouraging you to try something new, I thought I’d share how to check something off your bucket list.

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Pick Something

Yes, it really can be that simple.  We all have a bucket list and just in case you don’t, then create one.  We should all have a list of things that we want to try and it doesn’t even have to include wild ideas.  Whatever is meaningful to you, whatever you want to try that is outside of your usual goings-on.  Then just pick something. It doesn’t have to be the hardest thing, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing, but it should be something that you’ve never tried before.

I’ve never been on a cruise.  It’s been one of those things I’ve heard other people rave about, but I’ve been kind of iffy about.  Stuck on a boat with all those people? reat…(she thought, sarcastically.)  Last year, however, we had an opportunity to book a Norwegian cruise to the Bahamas for only $100.00 and we decided to take it.  A cruise was definitely one of those bucket list items for me and my husband made it easier for me by making all the arrangements.  And if I want to blog about and continually encourage people to try new things, then I need to continue trying new things, too!

Go With The Flow

The thing about making plans is that stuff happens and you just have to go with the flow and figure out what’s going to work for you.  We planned this cruise back in July of 2016, since that time, I was downsized out of my job (early retirement, right?) my husband had rotator cuff surgery and our cruise was changed from a Bahamas cruise to a Cuban cruise.  And we just went with it each time.

We already set aside money for our vacation by the time I was downsized.  My husband also talked to his Doctor regarding the surgery. It was something that needed to get done, so he made him aware of the cruise dates and we planned the timing so he would still be out of work but at a point where he could do most of his physical therapy on his own.

In December, Norwegian let us know that they just received approval to start docking in Havana.  They were turning our specific cruise into a Cuban cruise and then asked if we were still interested in that particular date and cruise. I looked at my husband and we both shouted “Hell, yeah!” at the same time.  It wasn’t our original destination, it was even better as far as we were concerned.

Now, Just Do It

Yes, that’s a Nike saying, but it’s what needs to be done.  Once you pick what you plan to do, then you need to just do it. Usually, it’s best to do it sooner rather than later, but in my case, the planning was almost a year in advance.  So today, we’re boarding the Norwegian Sky for our trip to Cuba.  What’s on your bucket list?.