How did my legs get cut up?  I love to hike, but hiking doesn’t always love me.  The below picture is evidence of that.  You’d think I’d been hiking for a week or more with legs that cut up, but no.  Just 3 days.  And, that’s three days with overnight stays in huts, not in a tent.  I love hiking, but hiking doesn’t always love me back.  Falling, crawling, and scrambling is usually involved.  And sometimes, things happen to my legs and I don’t even realize it.  Not sure where all the cuts came from in this picture, but I do remember the bruises.  I slipped a couple of times while crawling across slick granite in the pouring rain.

How did my legs get banged up on UnfoldAndBegin.com

There is a definite change in skin tone where my sock line ends.  That’s dirt.  Not a tan.  And yes, before I do any hut hikes, I always get a pedicure and this one held up pretty well.  I hope you have fun with this creativity prompt.