Christmas 2017 is a week from today.  My posts for the year are coming to an end as I always take a blogging break from Christmas through New Year’s Day.  So my Creativity Prompt on Friday, December 22nd will be the last of 2017.  I’ll try to make it meaningful.  In the meantime, I thought I would share a compilation of Christmas posts from previous years.  The magic of Christmas is here.

Christmas Eve is a special night that is filled with anticipation.  Even now, as an adult, I can still feel that Christmas magic and anticipation.  Two years in a row, I shared the same quote that I wrote about Christmas Eve.

The magic of Christmas
can be found anywhere a child
is gazing up at the night sky.

You can find it in The Magic of Christmas Eve (2014) or in The Magic of Christmas Eve (2015)

Last year, I reminded everyone Why Yoga is More Important This Christmas and in January, as a way to help you declutter your Christmas ornaments, I wrote How to Undecorate With A Purpose. 

Of course, what would Christmas be without a little John Lennon?  You can find him here in A Very Merry Christmas and in And So This Is.

Finally, let’s not leave out New Year’s Eve.  In Gratitude In A Jar, I share how Chris and I keep track of all those things we are grateful for during the year.  On New Year’s Eve we take the time to go through it before restarting the jar again on New Year’s Day.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and celebrate it with love, understanding, patience, and peace.